Flag Frenzy

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Flag Frenzy

Regular price Rs. 449.00
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Product description
    • Includes 49 flag cards, 8 continent cards, rules and a world map
    • EDUCATIONAL GAME - You'll become a geography whiz, and it won't be painful. It's an exhilarating race! Played like Spot it or Dobble with an educational twist! Match flags and collect cards
    • Great travel game, family game
    • A GEOGRAPHY GAME - Encourages awareness of states, locations and flags.
    • For 5+ years

An international bestseller! This game is fun for kids and families to play together.

This geography flag game includes 49 flag cards, 8 continent cards, and a world map with flags marked on it.

Learn the flags of major world countries by being the first to match one flag to another in this fast-paced game. Played like Dobble or Spot it with an educational twist!

Each card has eight flags, and every card ALWAYS has one flag in common with every other card.

Be the first to match one flag with another, and you can play your card down on the center pile.

First player to get rid of all their cards wins!

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