10 Return Gifts under Rs 1500

by Priyanka Prabhakar on Dec 04, 2021

What are some great return gift ideas for kids under Rs 1500?

Planning a birthday party for your little one? There’s so much planning that goes into it! Phew! From the location, the decoration, the food, the games and most importantly the return gifts for all the kids! Don’t stress out! You’re arrived at the right place! These return gifts are apt for both, boys and girls! So keep scrolling below to check out these return gift ideas for kids under Rs 1500!


This science-themed wooden human body puzzle, with 3 X 2 feet as dimension, inspired by the human anatomy, is cut in the shape of organs, bones, muscles and labels for pre-schoolers and tweens is sure to boost their human anatomy knowledge!

The design ideology focuses on enhancing visual-spatial coordination, promoting critical thinking and improving memory. This jigsaw puzzle will help your child learn about the human body through the joy of a toy. There are so much that kids will be taking back from enhancing their memory to boosting general knowledge!

They make great return gifts for kids, if you’re looking for something educational and meaningful!

Buy it here!

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